New Partnership with Synertech

“Synertech is proud to be a partner to TTE Europe GmbH, and look forward to a prodigious business relationship.

 Established in March 2003, Synertech was initially founded as a supplier of components, consumables and related peripherals associated primarily with bar-coding and “smart on-device” products such as RFID tags. In this role and based on a commitment to meeting customer needs and service expectations, Synertech successfully developed a number of niche applications. Then, in 2006, in response to client requests and market demand, the company was strategically repositioned as a highly focused, specialised RFID technology solutions provider. The successful execution of this strategy has established Synertech at the forefront of RFID technology in its chosen markets.

 Since then, Synertech with its sister companies Synertech Innovations and Bluerain Technologies have specialised in the turnkey design, development, installation, support and maintenance of benefit-driven business systems and computerised management applications. The Internet of Things, is certainly an important subset of the digitization approach that Synertech implements for our customers.”

New Partner Synertech with TTE Europe

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