Special Solutions for Tracking and Tracing by TTE-Europe

The following software and hardware solutions offer individual adaptions on the demands of large explosives distributors, distributors of black powder and end users in the oil field industry. They include our electronic explosives stock book or can be complemented by it. If you can’t identify here, maybe the TTE-Basic or TTE-Plus versions are already the best for your business. More information can be found in our product overview.

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TTE-Oil ist eine optimal angepasste Software zur Rückverfolgung von Sprengmitteln in der Ölindustrie.

TTE offers a comfortable and customized solution to implement the EU-identification directive 2008/43/EC for oil industry. The integrated electronic explosives stock book warrants 100 % worldwide control of storage of explosives in your company. This enables optimization of internal logistical processes and tracing of product loads to avoid failures. Handwritten record can be dispensed.

By TTE-Trustcenter an encoded worldwide data exchange is possible with TTE-Oil. The user decides if he needs to have the software as SaaS-solution or local installation. The software complies with the demands of your company, enables optimization of business processes, documentation and warehouse management. The efficient management and traceability of explosives and ready-made guns is also available with the simple and intuitive usage of the application. In TTE-Trustcenter and TTE-Webarchive the data is globally available for the user. Individual adaptions for your company can be made before and after installation. The devices which are compatible to TTE-Oil are robust, handy, and suitable for extreme weather conditions. The software increases the security with explosives by the demand of EU-directives and facilitates work with data recording and utilization at the same time.
By the high diffusion rate of the solution, TTE guarantees future safety.

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TTE-Distributor ist ein Sprengmittel Tracking und Tracing System für Sprengstoff Händler

Distributors of explosives often have to rise to other challenges than users or manufacturers. For reposition and resale of goods packaging units have to be dissolved and spread on large amounts. Also digital dissolving of packaging hierarchies is necessary to fulfill the requirement of the EU labelling directive.

TTE-Distributor convinces with its multiple functionalities and by a simple and clear usability. Thereby high training efforts are not required. The electronic explosives stock book is included in this solution. Manual effort, which will arise from April 2015 due to the EU Directive, can be avoided by this track and trace software and work can be managed more efficiently. Several sites and stocks can be administrated with TTE. The usage can additionally be complemented by mobile devices without electrical and internet connection. The TTE-user is hereby always ready to work mobile.

Because TTE is independent from manufacturers, the software is compatible with all of them. Herewith goods receipt is possible from different suppliers. Nevertheless, the solution is also offered by well-known manufacturers.

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TTE-Powder: Optimal angepasste Lösung zurm Tracking & Tracing von Sprengstoffen für Pulverhändler

From the perspective of the EU directive, powder distributors have the same conditions as explosives distributors. Indeed, the amount of explosives which is sold is less.

Especially for this group of clients we developed TTE-Powder. With the smaller scope and accounting by registered items it is not only a sufficiently extensive solution but also offers attractive prices.

TTE-Powder enables the highest range of flexibility as well as independency because it can be used at any computer with internet connection. Costs for software installation on your PC-technology do not occur, because this is done automatically. The computing center is located in Europe and certified on security standards. Identification of Data Matrix codes on powder containers ensues via a simple hand held scanner. The hand held scanner is connected by cable to the particular Laptop or PC.  Thanks to the very simple and clear handling, the user is able to start immediately after purchasing TTE. The electronic explosives stock book is also included here like in TTE-Distributor. Data exchange from supplier to powder distributor or his clients is available by many varieties like USB or Internet.

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