TTE-Europe’s Electronic Explosives Stock Book

The explosives stock book is part of our Track & Trace solution. You can use it to replace your handwritten stock records and thereby reduce your workload trough automated inventory bookings of your explosives and detonators. As an explosives manufacturer, dealer or user, you also benefit from other advantages of our electronic stock book.

Advantages of the electronic stock book

According to both national (§16 SprengG) and European legal regulations you have to record and document the entry and exit of all individual explosives. With the introduction of our Track & Trace software, you will have the option of using an electronic stock book instead of a handwritten one. Our Track & Trace solution provides all necessary information in electronic form, so that you do not incur any additional work. 

Besides the automation you have another considerable advantage compared to the handwritten stock book. The documentation takes place not only with regard to quantity and time, but also with regard to the product type, location and warehouse. The electronic explosives stock book enables you to create, compare, check and administrate 

  • all deliveries and inventories at multiple sites
  • single deliveries per site or
  • multiple warehouses per site.

In order to not lose the holistic overview of your stocks and their use, you can print out your financial statements comfortably and clearly within self-determinable intervals.

Would you like to see inventory changes for a specific month? Do you require all inventory changes of the past 14 days? Do you wish to see the inventory changes from the middle of May to the middle of June? With the help of our electronic stock book you can easily define these periods per mouse click. Inconvenient turning pages in a handwritten stock book as well as tedious summarizing of numbers will no longer be an issue.

Process for Recording your Explosives

If you use our explosives stock book it is integrated into the software logic of TTE-Europe’s tracking system. Merely elaborate a basic structure of sites and warehouses and record your explosives by the help of the provided scanners. According to the structure of your stock book the inventories are booked – receipts as well as issues specifically per site, stock, quantity and nature of the explosive. Track your inventory changes of every extent and transparently for all persons involved. Furthermore, save human resources by automation.

Overview and Tracking of external and internal Working Processes

Which explosives have arrived from which manufacturer, distributor or business partner? What quantity of explosives have been used, when, where and what for? Have parts of the withdrawn material been returned, not yet used or used for different purposes than planned?

TTE-Europe provides a resource friendly alternative to keep the obligatory explosives stock book. Therefore see it as a useful supplement which affords an honest and real relief in the framework of the EU marking directive.

Are there any ambiguities or would you like to obtain more details about our electronic explosives stock book? Then feel free to contact us at any time at the hotline indicated above. The service team of TTE-Europe is equally available for questions concerning individualization for industry specific requirements.

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