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TTE is member of ISEE - an international society for explosives engineersInternational Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)

TTE is member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers since 2015. The Society was founded in 1974 with the important goal on how to help push the explosives industry forward while becoming a champion for the blaster in the field. Over the last 40 years they got a foothold in more than 90 countries and bring together more than 4,000 professionals in the explosives industry. Based in the USA ISEE became a voice for the whole explosives sector. Every year the annual conference, where TTE also exhibits, bring together decision maker from all over the world.
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TTE Europe is a member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE)Institute of Explosives Engineers (IExpE)

In 2014 we also became a company member in IExpE. This organization prevalent cares about companies of the explosives sector in Great Britain as well as in other countries. The goal is to train their members, other organizations and ministries regarding the explosives sector. We give important tips and advices concerning the EU directive on conferences of the association and consult members with their questions.
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EFEE regularly hands out the most important informations for tracking and tracing of explosivesEuropean Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE)

Founded in 1988 the European blasting organization EFEE is responsible for 24 nations and offers a forum for companies active in explosives and rocks industry. EFEE is strongly integrated in the development and negotiation of new EU-standards and can herewith inform members about the latest status. As a member we receive always current law regulations and requirements for tracking and tracing of explosives, which helps us to update our software on the newest version.
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TTE Europe is a member of the german blasting organisationGerman Blasting Association

The German blasting association is professional organization of experts in blasting technics and related professions in Germany. In strong cooperation with the association we developed our tracking and tracing software and pushed the development of the XML-standard by FEEM. From the beginning we supported the work for implementing the EU-identification directive and could apply to the customers’ demands.
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TTE Europe supports the association of mineral industry (MIRO)Association of mineral industry (MIRO)

Since 2014 we are an Associate Member of MIRO and could achieve an intensive cooperation in the mineral industry. Main goal of the association is to achieve results for the use of all members. Cooperative exchange of experiences and consulting of members about tracking and tracing has high relevance for us. Besides producers of explosives we participate in info sheets for members and big fairs, e.g. steinexpo 2014.
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Cooperation with Organizations


TTE helps to develop an guideline for implementing the eu directive 2008/43/EC in the task force for explosivesTask Force: Explosives for civil uses

The Task Force „Explosives for civil uses“ is a convention of several companies and organizations for elucidation about the obligations of the EU directive 2008/43/EC and its amendment 2012/4/EU. Together with EU an action plan and guideline was developed to implement the EU directive right in time before 5 April 2015.
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Together with UEPG TTE Europe plays an important role in many organizations in the explosives industryUEPG (European Rock Association)

Members of rock industry of 30 countries are represented by the UEPG  in Brussels. Vision of UEPG is a sustainable industry for a sustainable Europe. Open, transparent and honest does UEPG show a way to healthiness, safety, access to local resources, recycling, environmental responsibility and biodiversity in its industry. Together with UEPG and other companies we work in a Task Force to inform concerned companies about the EU-directive and its implementation.
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TTE has supported FEEM by generating XML standards for the tracking and tracing of explosivesFederation of Explosives Manufacturers (FEEM)

The organization of several European explosives manufacturer deals with the improvement of practices in the rock industry. This concerns especially safety and quality for every work. The XML-standard for data transfer of codes and content of explosives from supplier to customers was also developed by FEEM. For the development and standardization TTE-Europe helped intensively together with the German Blasting association.
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